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Apidura Pack Review

26th May 2017

If you’ve every thought about a multi-day adventure ride than bikepacking is the simplist solution. Bikepacking is essentially rackless luggage systems without didicated racks. The benefit with these systems is they’re super light, fast and can be fitted to any bike. Pack your overnight essentials (don’t forget a toothbrush) and head off! Recently we’ve had the opportunity to test the range from Apidura. The company is one of the leaders within the bikepacking market. They have mutiple pack offerings, different size campacities for an overnighter or months away. We tested the following products over the last few months.


Handle Pack Dry 9L

The handle pack attaches easily to the bar with a pair of straps with plastic ladder locks. These held the pack in place very well but did come a little loose across some rather relentless off-road terrain. However, it could be easily thightened when stopped. The compact pack fits between the handlebars (44cm) and keeps off the head tube. When packed with items, I found it didn’t interfare with the steering. Bikepacking is mostly long seated and sustained effort, but when out-of-saddle the front pack wasn’t an issue – sure it’s a little heavier but I got used to it pretty quickly. It’s easy to take on and off which helps when you’ve reached your destination – simply empty the contents and get out of that damn lycra! Packing the items (jandels, boardies, tolietries, t-shirt and thermal) was a short and simple process. In heavy rain the pack peformed extremely well – all items we’re kept super-dry.


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Saddle Pack Dry 9L

The saddle pack is attached using two straps that loop up around the saddle rails and clip into female buckles attached to the underside of the bag. It also has two very large Velcro straps that wrap around the seatpost. A roll top is used to close the bag, buckles clip into compression straps. In practice the pack was really easy to attach to the bike. I found that it didn’t sway at all – which was surprising as to be honest its only Velcro holding it on?! It’s real easy to pack and takes a ton of gear. The pack is incredibly streamlined, which meant I could get nowhere faster – it also didn’t hit my legs when pedaling. Climbing out-of-the saddle felt a little different but after a few rides I got used to the extra weight. I feel this is more of an understanding with your mental state that you’re carrying extra weight rather than the packs fault. Again, this pack was very watertight – we were meet with relentless rain on our first day of a three-day trip bikepack trip and to find my items dry was a huge relief.


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Accessory Pack Dry
This packs attaches to the front of Apidura’s mutiple handlebar packs. It’s ideal for stashing additional food, camera, electronics and any other essentials. I found it easy to clip onto the handle pack and stuffed it full with home cooked food, sweet treats, a pump and my GoPro. Accessing the bag on the fly to get that epic photo or grab a bite to eat was uncomplicated. I liked that I could take more food and other essentials without loading up my rear pockets – this helps keep the back fatigue free which is essentail over long distances.


Handle Pack Dry 9L RRP: $199.99.

Accessory Pack Dry RRP: $99.99.

Saddle Pack Dry 9L RRP: $229.99

Distributor: everoutdoor.co.nz


Review: Liam Friary

Photos: Cameron Mackenzie 


Orginally published in the NZ Road Cyclist Jan/Feb Issue. For more in-depth reviews and exclusive articles grab the latest copy on-sale today!