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Flaer Revo Via - Impression

19th April 2017

The concept behind the Revo Via is relatively simple: a chain that’s well lubricated will generate less friction, therefore is more efficient. However, even the slickest lubricants tend to be the least viscous, which means they tend to dry up. Flaer developed the concept for power gains and have claimed it gives you an extra 12 watts along with a scientifically cleaner drivetrain. This has been enough to gain the interest of UCI World Tour Team, Orica Scott.


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Initially, I was intrigued if this system would actually give me a few extra watts. I first used it on the direct drive trainer with a power meter. I thought this would give me a real indication of measured power gain. The chain felt incredibly smooth which helped me keep a high cadence with a slightly higher power output during the efforts. The main advantage was having a smooth and quiet drivetrain, which effectively meant more power.


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Words & Images: Liam Friary