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Focus Izalco Max Disc

25th May 2016

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So, with that painful separation
still fresh in my mind, I jumped
at the chance for a like-withlike
comparison with the already
award winning disc brake version of
Focus’s flagship road racing bike.

Obviously they’ve had a rethink
of the P2T 10 carbon frame, the
non-drive side getting chunkier to
accommodate the different stresses,
but equally slicing it here and there
as a result.

Removing the brake calipers has
made clearance less of a problem,
especially if you feel the need to
fit something bigger than the now
standard 25s on. But please recognise
this is a bike that is definitely in the
pure road category, despite being
more than capable on the ‘road works’
secteurs I encountered during this
test period.



This extra clearance is also partly down to the slight elongation of the rear stays, to accommodate the wider rear axle and avoid chainline issues. The extra 10mm here is still much shorter than your average ‘endurance’ build and retains the same jump and snappiness you’d expect from a race frame. 


The tapered head tube remains, as does the bolstered strengthening carbon strip, designed to deliver the resultant positive targeted ride. Also remaining are the moulded external cable guides and front mech hanger, while neatly internally routing the
brake lines.


The logic being that in the future you might need to bleed your brakes but a full brake line replacement is less likely than your regular inner and outer gear cable maintenance.  These brake lines dive into the fork and head tube, encapsulated neatly before resurfacing at each of the flat mounted RS805 brakes.


The other obvious difference is the removal of the rear brake bridge and the accommodation of the thru-axle, the front fork in particular has had a full makeover, not just a quick tweak to get this model out in the market quickly.


A nice touch is the neat little rear stay protector nestled next to the chainset, protecting your investment in times of calamity, the matt carbon FSA SLK chainset matching the subtle feel of the frame tastefully.