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Lezyne Factory Tour

5th September 2016

When cycling industry icon Mick Kozuschek launched Lezyne in 2007, he had a clear goal in mind – ‘engineered design’.


What he was aiming for was to engineer and produce premium quality accessories that met the same high standards as high-end bicycle components. In the years since Lezyne has become a household name – well, in the cycling industry – and has steadily expanded its product range.



Innovative products like the CNC Floor Drive with its secure ABS chuck connection, the Carbon Road Drive with light-weight Full Carbon Technology, and multi tools using Center-Pivot bit design have set Lezyne apart. 


Since 2011, Lezyne has been developing LED lights and again have set new standards in design and function along the way. All Lezyne LEDs are tested in Lezyne’s own integrating sphere; an instrument used to measure the lumen output. Lezyne also developed its own lenses to produce the best possible optics for bicycle lights.




Then just last year, Lezyne introduced GPS computers. Developed in-house to be lightweight, user-friendly and packed with features, one of the key attributes of Lezyne’s GPS computers is their ability to pair with smartphones and all the important training devices.

On the verge of the launch of what it calls ‘the next generation of the cycling computer’ Lezyne invited NZ Road Cyclist photographer Darryl Carey to see behind the scenes at their Taiwan factory. 




Impressed by the high quality standards he witnessed, Darryl says the majority of Lezyne’s products are manufactured and assembled at the plant which is overseen by an in-house quality control team, made up of engineers that supervise construction.


“The commitment to quality and pride in the product was evident in staff throughout the site, from where Lezyne ships their products to distributors, worldwide,” says Darryl.