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1st July 2016

DISTRIBUTOR: Sheppard Industries; RRP: $99.99
A helmet is about the only bit of gear you don’t want to thoroughly test when you are out on a ride and thankfully that was the case over the time I used the Volta AMP. With all thesafety standards met I’m happy to assume I don’t need to be the test dummy on that...therefore I’ll concentrate on the design, comfort and value of the helmet with this review.
For $99.99 you get everything you need in a helmet; weight (237g for the 52-58cm size) that is comparable to more expensive options; and styling that is on point with a sharp-looking aggressive rear end. The AMP is easy to set up with a standard under-the-chin strap and a one hand adjustable flight-fit rear retention system. These rear retention systems are great as the helmet sits firm on the rider’s head with the chin strap really acting as a back-up fastener.
Having tested the helmet over the summer months with humidity high enough to turn you into a puddle, I can say the ventilation from the 17 vents was on par with any helmet I have used. The front cushion did an admirable job of keeping the sweat at bay and the rest of the cushioning and the mould of the helmet got a big tick. They certainly served their purpose as I noticed no sharp edges or rubbing - allowing me to concentrate on how sore my legs were instead!
Overall, it’s hard to fault the Volta AMP with an affordable price tag, on par style and comfortable performance.