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Santos Tour Down Under 2014

6th May 2016

The Santos Tour Down Under is mecca for cyclists and anything bike related. Whether a more serious or just casual recreational rider, Adelaide in January is like a giant magnet, pulling cyclists from far and wide towards what is truly a celebration and festival of all things cycling. Our Editor John McKenzie has been a number of times thanks to South Australia Tourism and Air New Zealand.

While some media chased down the pros for interviews at this year’s Santos Tour Down Under (2014) our editor John had set his sights on a group of five women from Mid Canterbury but one thing he hadn’t counted on was having to wait in line as the ‘Pink Ladies’ from rural New Zealand generated quite a bit of interest from fans, media and even the pros.

The five ladies were not hard to find; dressed in matching pink cycle kits complete with bunny ears and even tails. They were looking for their next cycling adventure and decided to step out of their comfort zone and pack up their bikes and head to Adelaide.