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Scicon Rain Bag Review

4th April 2017

Let’s be honest, bags may not be the most exciting object of your cycling kit. But, would you be interested if your kit was already organised before your morning ride?


It would certainly save the time scrambling in the dark, trying not to wake up your spouse and ending up with mismatched arm warmers. Well, Scicon might have come up with the solution…


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These latest rain bags have been developed in collaboration with World Pro Tour teams. They can be found in the back of the team chase car with each rider’s kit all organised for when the weather turns foul. The handy labelled compartments make sure, jackets, vests, warmers and other pieces of kit can be found easily. This helps when the pro riders are getting drenched and need wet gear as soon as possible.


In everyday use the bag is superb! Being a tad OCD, I like it that everything is all organised. I tend to leave the bag packed which makes it easy for either travelling to a ride or riding from home.


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The six compartments make it easy and don’t involve much thought – ideal when preparing for a race. No more scrambling through that damn duffle bag whilst the announcer is starting the race!


In summary the bag simplifies what you need before heading out. Yes, it might have been made for the pros first, but in daily use the bag shines. It’s compact but still has ample storage. It could do with a few more labels for base layers and caps but that’s a small gripe. Scicon’s robust rain bag comes with name and country flag customisation.


Orginally published in the NZ Road Cyclist Sep/Oct Issue. For more in-depth reviews and exclusive articles grab the latest copy on-sale today!


DISTRIBUTOR: sciconbags.com

RRP: €120


Words: Liam Friary 

Images: Darryl Carey