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Tour de France 2011

6th May 2016

The Tour de France is the world’s biggest circus with the riders providing only part of the entertainment. Everything from aging karaoke singers, huge numbers of stationary Dutch fans rowing uphill and singing with chairs in the air to mini night clubs and the tour caravan ensure the event has a carnival atmosphere unmatched for its passion and duration over three weeks of intense bike racing, and out Editor John McKenzie was there in 2011 with Kiwi Style Bike Tours to catch it all! 


'It is just amazing, and the logistics of it all is staggering. With more TV hours than the Olympics and the football world cup, Le Tour is the biggest annual sports event in the world. Instead of a stadium the whole of France is the arena and there was nothing like being there. There are about 5000 people on the road every day supporting the riders and the atmosphere is just unbelievable. There is nothing small about the Tour de France.'

John, July 2011